Kavanagh Maple Syrup — Vendor Spotlight

Kavanagh Maple Syrup — Vendor Spotlight

Kavanagh Maple Syrup -Rushylvania, OH

June 23, 2020

Written by MacKenzie Myers, Market Manager at LCFM


 “I strive to produce a superior product that customers can rely and appreciate in the most basic of ways. On their dinner plate.” – Bruce Kavanagh


Kavanagh Maple Syrup has been attending the Logan County Farmers Market since 2017 and making syrup since about 2013. Inspired by the process of helping another syrup producer out, Bruce found a passion and wanted to share it with others, right out of his family’s Rushylvania home.

“To start with simple, naturally occurring liquid that comes out of a tree and looking much like water and turn it into a golden colored thick liquid that tastes so good simply by boiling it”, Bruce shares during his dinner interview. 

A big value for this product is his product being marketed in glass bottles. “I believe the consumer should be able to see the product they are purchasing. Also a large percentage of the maple syrup marketed today is heavily filtered to remove the naturally occurring impurities.(i.e. mainly precipitated minerals that crystalize during the boiling process.) My syrup is very minimally filtered therefore I feel a more natural product.”

Overall, Bruce really believes in our local food system and the strength it has for our future.

“I think the farmers market is a vital tool/commerce/system that needs to be practiced on a larger scale in the future to prepare for the unforeseen events that can compromise our current economy and food chain. We as a society are far too dependent upon our current methods of large scale production and transportation of our most basic and important consumer products, food. I’ve said many times before and will say so again that the farmer occupation should be at the top of the pay scale. It is the most important occupation there is.”

Come see Bruce, and his wife Jodie, this weekend at your Logan County Farmers Market from 8:30-12pm in the Lot at the corner of Detroit and Chillicothe in Downtown Bellefontaine.