Keckler’s Country Produce — Vendor Spotlight

Keckler’s Country Produce — Vendor Spotlight


July 16, 2020


Written by MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick, Market Manager


“Whether I get any money for it or not, the nice part is when you get to see people’s reaction when they try it.” – Jeff Keckler


Keckler’s Country Produce of Huntsville, Ohio was begun by Jeff Keckler and his wife Tina. Jeff explains, “I’ve been gardening since I was a kid…I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and that lived in Kettering and she had a HUGE garden.” Over time, Jeff continued to cultivate his gardening skills with his family and eventually had the opportunity to not only create one with his wife in a long time family residence, but expand it from 1 garden space, to 4.


If you know Jeff, not only does he grow his own produce, but he enjoys to personally pickle his cucumbers and candy the peppers he grows. He goes on to share his value behind how he uses the ingredients from other vendors in not only his meals at home, but in the recipes he shares. “Home grown and home made, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


Having been a customer at LCFM for somewhere in the 8-10 year range to now going into their second season with LCFM and ILFM, the Keckler family is excited to share their passion for produce and gardening with our community.


Come visit Jeff and Tina this Saturday at LCFM from 8:30- 12pm on the corner of Chillicothe and Detroit (across from the Post Office) then at ILFM from 1pm-3pm at the Lakeview Hardware parking lot.