RISE Bakehouse — Vendor Spotlight

August 5, 2020

Written by MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick, Market Manager

“It’s all fresh. You’re getting the bread the day of or the day after it’s been made.” -Phil Wischmeyer

RISE Bakehouse began “as an accident” about 5 years ago out of Hannah and Phil Wischmeyer’s Wapakoneta home. Not knowing about LCFM at the time, Hannah began volunteering at the Lakeview Market asking questions like “What do you need? How can we help?” to lead her on the journey to baking bread items in their new home inside the Marketplace in Downtown Bellefontaine.

Hannah admits, “I thought it wouldn’t be that hard”, even though as they began, her and Phil hardly baked or cooked at home. She found out very quickly, that it grew into the conversation of “What would we want to feed our kids? What would we want to feed ourselves if we were eating healthily? …if we were to include bread in our diet here and there, what kind of bread would we want to eat? And that’s the kind of bread you really can’t get at the store.” They excitedly share that after 5 years of looking they have discovered a source of freshly milled, Non-GMO wheat flour to use for their baking, allowing them to improve their bread even more.

“We can say that we fell in love with bread and that’s why we do what we do, but it’s not true”, Hannah shares as she thinks about the passion that was provided by the social aspect of joining the market and “all of the amazing people” they have met and are able to work with. Both Hannah & Phil beamed with gratitude as they shared the positive impact the network of people involved in LCFM has provided in their lives.

“I think our integrity is the biggest thing”, Phil explains in sharing about their intent to always bring the highest quality product to customers and staying open and honest about what is in their products. “All we want to do is make sure that whoever receives it is happy with it and gets the highest quality”, Hannah adds.

When considering their values in the product Phil explains, “It’s really gonna important in the near future, in our lifetimes, that we’re able to source our food locally.” While adding that it is important to RISE Bakehouse that they also provide these locally sourced, locally made products “at the best cost we can.”

Come and visit the RISE Bakehouse crew on Saturday mornings at the Logan County Farmers Market from 8:30-12pm in the lot across from the Post Office.

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