Dancing Duck — Vendor Spotlight

August 18, 2020

Written by MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick, Market Manager

I always think food connects people, so one of my things is to bring people together and bring people joy through something simple.” – Erica Caudill

Dancing Duck Creations has been a part of the Logan County Farmers Market since early in the 2019 season when Erica and her family moved from Kentucky. “I started baking in Kentucky and it didn’t really go anywhere. Family asked about baking when they moved, I chose to do this so that I can spend time with my children”, Erica shares. It turns out to be more than something that she does to spend time with her children as well as she explains, “I’ve always loved baking, I grew up loving to bake with my mom and grandma. I am also an artistic/creative person, so baking has been my creative outlet.”

“…everything that I do is because it’s absolutely what I love. This is absolutely what I love to do and I’ve made a career out of it.

When it comes to market Saturdays, Erica really values the time she gets to spend with others on top of her quality time baking. “I love seeing the people. Virtual market was great and all, but I love being at the market because I get to see all the people. It’s really my favorite part of the week and really making relationships with my customers.”

As Erica has progressed in her processed, she has grown more of a love for pushing the norms for the sweet loaves and other baked goods she sells. “One of my big values is pushing the limit just a little bit, just doing something that someone else hasn’t necessarily done before. All of my recipes are ones that I’ve written myself. Coming up with something new or exciting that is different than what someone else has done.”

Not only has this experience allowed Erica to showcase her creative culinary skillset, but it has shown to provide more than that for her and her family. “I’m super grateful for the farmers market, when I moved up here last year, I just thought I would give it a try. I had no idea that it would be something that would take the place of a part-time job, stay home with my kids, and do something I love and make a business out of it.”

Stop by the Dancing Duck Creations tent this Saturday at the Logan County Farmers Market from 8:30am-12pm in the Lot Across from the Post Office Be sure to follow her on Facebook & Instagram as well to keep up with all her new flavors!

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