Market Manager Job Description

Logan County Farmers Market

2019 Growing Season

The Market Manager answers to and reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Logan County Farmers Market.

The Market Manager will be familiar with and fully understand the Rules and Regulations, Mission Statement, and Bylaws of the Logan County Farmers’ Market.

The Market Manager is the representative of the Logan County Farmers’ Market. The Manager’s presence in the community is an important factor in promoting the Market and its mission.

Managing the Market is a seasonal position with year-round potential. The pay-scale and conditions of this job will be reviewed and budgeted for on a yearly basis by the Board of Directors. A written independent consultation agreement or contract will be agreed upon on a yearly basis between the Market Manager and the Board of Directors.

The Market Manager is responsible for raising funds to sustain her/his own position on a year-to-year basis. The income of vendor fees alone is not sufficient enough to sustain the Manager position. Therefore, it is understood that the Manager will work to leverage funds in order to make their position relevant and ongoing.

The Market Manager will carry out the following duties year-round

  • Work with vendors and the Board to maintain the rules and regulations of the Market and keep them up to date with relevant information as approved by the Board
  • Recruit new vendors to provide diversity of product to the Market
  • Maintain correspondence with vendors
  • Work with the Board President to schedule and organize board meetings
  • Work with the Board to create agendas for meetings, and record and disseminate meeting minutes in a timely manner
  • Conduct educational programming and outreach in the community that promotes the mission and sustainability of the Market. Programming and outreach plan to be approved by the Board
  • Manage fundraising activities for the Market Organization. Fundraising includes; researching and soliciting grant funding from local, state, and national sources, community fundraising appeals, fundraising activities, and working with the Board to obtain corporate sponsorships
  • Attend relevant trainings and conferences as approved by the Board
  • Work with the Downtown Business Partnership, City Director and/or other necessary personnel on any problems/issues that arise for the Market location and/or infrastructure
  • Work with the Downtown Business Association, City Director and/or other necessary personnel on marketing and advertising ideas, barriers and signs, etc
  • Maintain the Market website, newsletter, and social media presence
  • Work with the Board to maintain an annual budget for the organization
  • Create and submit advertisements to local media
  • Organize any special events as approved by the Board
  • Solicit grant funding to support Power of Produce and SNAP incentive programs
  • Schedule and organize yearly vendor meeting (early to mid March)

The Market Manager will carry out the following duties during the Market season (May – September)

  • Provide vendors with updated copies of the Rules and Regulations of the Logan County Farmers Market and any other necessary documents before and during the Market season
  • Evaluate new vendor applications throughout the season and educate vendors who join the Market after the application deadline
  • Maintain up-to-date vendor registration information including name, address, phone numbers, date of vendor fee received, date of proof of insurance paperwork received, etc.
  • Educate all vendors on incentive programs (POP, SNAP, DuP, etc) and provide written materials explaining the programs
  • Create and disseminate weekly Market map and newsletter every Friday morning
  • Be present every Saturday morning at the Farmers Market location from 7am – Market tear-down (or make arrangements for an alternative person if needed) during which time being in charge of:
    • Facilitating set-up of the vendors, set-up of the Market tents/signs/etc
    • Answering any questions from vendors or customers
    • Maintaining adherence to the Market Rules & Regulations
    • Making any necessary decisions
  • Maintaining a friendly and impartial demeanor, knowing that any decisions of the Market Manager will be the final decision for the Market of that day. Any problems/complaints can be taken to the Board of Directors for resolution for future markets.
  • Oversee POP, SNAP, and other incentive programs at the weekly Market and manage follow-up and data gathering for these programs
  • Accept vendor fees and forward them to the Treasurer in a timely manner
  • Maintain coffee sales as a fundraiser for the Market
  • Weekly radio spots
  • Submit a monthly report on the 1st of each month to the Board of Directors during the Market season. The report should include, but is not necessarily limited to:
  • Number of current vendors at the Market
  • Follow-up on any special events that occurred during the current month
  • Notification on any issues/problems that occurred during the month and how the problem/issue was resolved
  • Any special events planned for the upcoming month
  • Any other information the Manager feels is necessary to report to the Board

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

or LCFM, PO Box 3 Bellefontaine 43311