Jandy’s Farm –Vendor Spotlight

Jandy’s Farm –Vendor Spotlight

July 3, 2020

Written by MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick, Market Manager

“We are not just selling you stuff we grew, this is kind of part of us and so we are passing on part of the energy that we put into it.” -Andy Reinhart

Jandy’s Farm of Bellefontaine, Ohio consists of the dynamic duo of Jan Dawson and Andy Rinehart who are in fact one of our founding vendors of LCFM. “Ya know, there’s no reason Bellefontaine can’t have a farmers market. We just have to find growers”, Jan shares about their journey in beginning stages of growing and LCFM in the mid-90’s.

Jan and Andy utilize the balance of their skills (Jan’s drive to sell and provide and Andy’s growing abilities) to provide customers in Logan County with produce such as lettuce varieties, onions, a wide range of garlic, cut flowers, beans, tomatoes, and more. Andy shares the passion behind their business, “We grow all this stuff, we gotta get rid of it.” and is sure to add that providing food to people is not only a big motivation, but highly gratifying.

Through 25 years of participating in the farmers market Jan & Andy express that their favorite parts of the market, ironically so, are the people. While Andy’s passion lies in the growing experience, they both admit that they highly value the relationships and interactions with the customers and vendors at the market.

When asked what they want to be sure their customers know about them Jan shares, “I wish there were a way to get across to them how incredibly thankful I am that they come to the market every Saturday…And to see the people that get up every Saturday morning when I know they have busy lives and jobs and just have weekends free, and they come to the farmers market. I mean, how do you thank them enough?”

One of the biggest values of Jan & Andy’s produce is “that we are chemical free.” They pride themselves on providing clean, high quality produce knowing that they are able to share their energy through the food they share with others.

When thinking about our local food system, Andy shares, “I think it’s pretty good right now…I’m not real sure how long it will last.” Both Andy and Jan express that it each year they have considered the cycles of food fads and hope that valuing locally grown and made goods will last for decades to come.

Come and chat with Jan & Andy this weekend at the Logan County Farmers Market from 8:30-12pm in the Lot at the Corner of Chillicothe and Detroit.

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