The Flying Pepper — Vendor Spotlight

July 29, 2020

Written by Market Manager, MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick 

“…I make everything from scratch, and it is very important to me that everything is fresh, good quality ingredients… “ – Humberto Nieto Ruiz

Humberto and his wife, Laura Haverkos, are the faces behind the start of The Flying Pepper Food Truck, based in Bellefontaine and working their way to communities in the surrounding areas, such as Urbana, Springfield, and Yellow Springs. 

The Flying Pepper Food Truck made their debut at the Logan County Farmers Market four seasons ago, and have grown in greatness each year since. Flying Pepper, as the locals refer to it, specializes in Mexican cuisine, using the freshest and most local ingredients they can get their hands on.

I don’t like processed foods. Never have. Maybe it’s because of the way that I grew up in Mexico. You can walk to the market all year round, and you can get fresh veggies and shop every day.”, Humberto shares in regards to the high quality food products he brings his customers each week.

Something that sets The Flying Pepper apart from other food trucks and local food offerings is the value for vegetables in the dishes offered & the journey for customers to step outside of their comfort zone. Humberto explains, “I found out sometimes…If you present it to people, people will try. I have so many people who say ‘Ahhh, I don’t eat veggies.’ and I say ‘Just try‘ and people say ‘Oh, it’s not bad, I love veggies.’ ” Laura adds, “For a lot of restaurants, trucks, or stands, the vegetarian option is usually the meat option without the meat…we always knew that we were going to have a REAL veggie option.”

As we enter into the fall, Humberto & Laura are looking forward to the opening of their brick and mortar location, “The Flying Pepper Cantina” in Downtown Bellefontaine. “…Right now, more than ever, it’s very important to support local people, small business, because I am part of that now. People are generous, so why not return the favor?“, shares Humberto when thinking of his local produce sources and their impact on his life and business.

Within this interview, Humberto & Laura shared not only their value of fresh ingredients, but also how that impacts their costs as a business. Sharing the importance of the quality of ingredients over the cost. Additionally, they shared their joy behind our communities increased openness to new food experiences across cultures. This simple spotlight, is only a peek into the minds of Humberto & Laura.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Flying Pepper Food Truck each week, as wherever they land, The Flying Pepper Cantina opening soon, and stay tuned for their next appearance at the Logan County Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:30-12pm in the Lot across from the Post Office.